Update as of January, 2021

Thank you so much for considering printing with pindot!!

As of 2021, pindot will no longer be accepting printing requests.

After nearly five years of providing printing services to the public, I have decided to turn my focus to making personal and collaborative prints and zines for sale on the pindot store and through my personal art shop.

Running a printing press as a solo business owner is hard work and takes up a lot of time and effort. I only run it part-time, because I have other responsibilities outside of the press.

After some soul-searching, I decided that the only way I would be able to free up time to dedicate to other projects is if I no longer offered public printing services.

I’ll put up another update in the coming weeks, but here are some of my projects:

  • More tutorials and vlogs on Youtube focusing on the risograph and other fun creative projects
  • I have been taking up a graduate certificate in 3D art, so I would like to spend some time honing my skills in that area.
  • Illustrations, paintings, zine projects, and other things I haven’t gotten to just because of how much time I spend running the press (I’ll be posting links to my personal site here soon)

If you would like to continue to support pindot and the content I make, please consider making a purchase or a tip on the pindot store. I personally fulfill every single order with gratitude.