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pindot press

pindot press is a small but dedicated risograph studio in Oakville, ON, in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada!! It is owed by Olivia, and you can learn more about risograph and the printing process on her Youtube channel.

UPDATE as of 2021

I am no longer accepting print jobs as of 2021. Instead, I will focus on producing personal and collaborative zines and prints, which will be sold on the pindot store. You can learn more about this decision here.

the story of pindot

pindot press was inspired by a trip to a bookshop in Taiwan. I saw some really cute DIY/Zine books, which featured mainly Japanese zine-makers. These are some examples of their works:

Some of these zines were printed using Riso. So as to be able to conveniently and economically make short-run zines, comics, art prints, stationery, and other printed DIY projects with amazing colours and effects, I obtained a risograph.

Thus, pindot press was born! To learn more about the risograph, please watch the video below:

risograph – an introduction

Risograph or “riso” is a type of printing technology invented in Japan by a company called Riso.

It works like screenprinting in that it prints one or two colours at a time in layers with the use of stencils that it creates. More colours can be achieved by passing the paper through the machine multiple times to lay down additional colours.

The risograph at pindot press
The risograph at pindot press

A riso differs fromĀ a laser or inkjet printer. Laser and inkjet printers can mostly only print in four-colour CMYK, and they lay down all four colours at once. Although Riso can only do one or two colours in a single pass, one can run paper through as many passes and use as many colours as desired.

Because of its screenprinting-like process, the riso is better used for making multiple, rather than single, copies of a print. The risograph is actually a high-speed volume printing machine used for print runs up to several thousand copies.